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At Saint John's we have services throughout the week to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the events of His life as well as those of His followers. 

In Orthodox Churches the main service is the Sunday Divine Liturgy where we partake of the Eucharist.  Our assigned priest, Father Joseph Longofono, is in Rapid City to serve Divine Liturgy one weekend a month (he serves three parishes in the Midwest).  We gather for prayer on the other weekends and meet multiple times throughout the week as well.

  • When Father Joseph is in town:

Saturday - 5pm - Great Vespers

Sunday -  9am - Orthros

10am - Divine Liturgy

Fellowship meal to follow


  • When Father Joseph is out of town:

​​Sunday - 10am - Typica Service

Fellowship meal to follow

  • Every Wednesday

5pm - Vespers Prayers



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